We are an out and proud queer organisation and our main priority is to make each and everyone who attends our events feel welcome. We are inclusive, not exclusive. However we kindly ask all our visitors to be aware of the space they step into. We are for and by the community, and we do not tolerate phobism of any sort and highly value empathic behaviour. If for any reason you are a danger to yourself or others make you or others feel uncomfortable, we keep the right to refuse you at the door or escort you out without violence. Abuse in any way or form to human and legal rights, will be reported to responsible authorities, either security police etc. COME AS YOU ARE.

All our events are 18+, just in case check the website of the venue to check if they have any age requirements.

We do not forbid taking pictures, but we kindly ask you to enjoy the moment. Please respect the privacy of others and don’t use your flash on the dance floor.


If you want to be assured of a ticket it’s always best to buy a presale ticket. Tickets for IsBurning usually sell quite fast. We always have some tickets available for doorsale, however this depends on capacity. If the club is sold out we maintain a 1-in-1-out policy.

Unfortunately we can’t change the time slot on your ticket and your ticket is only valid for entry in the timeslot you’ve purchased. In case you’ve bought your ticket through eventix, note that you can only change your ticket up to two weeks prior to the event. When it’s less than two weeks prior to the event please try to sell your ticket through ticketswap.

No, this is not possible, you must enter within the time margin stated on your ticket.

In this case we are unable to offer you a refund. We do sell out almost every event we host, so there is a high probability that you can still sell your ticket on ticketswap.

Instructions for admittance to the guestlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O9TOB0P_6s


At IsBurning, everyone is a headliner! Our line up and timetable are a well guarded secret that we never give away prior to the event. However we guarantee that it’s  always filled with residents, familiar faces and different sounds for different tastes. Afterwards we’ll always post the timetable on our website for you to find that artist that made you dance the night away. You can also check out or channel on soundcloud where we have some recorded mixes of previous collaborations.

For any questions regarding opening or closing times of one of our events, we kindly ask you to check the agenda here on our website. Any questions regarding the closing times of the doors you can check the event or just drop us a message on facebook/instagram.

General info

Since we host events at multiple venues we kindly ask you to check our last info post on our socials and/or check the website of the venue.

For information or questions regarding accessibility of the venue we advice you to contact the venue directly.

Please check the website of the venue or check our last info post.

Together with our partnered venues we always try to offer some food/snacks for sale unless communicated otherwise on our event page.

Our events inside the Netherlands don’t have indoor smoking area’s nor is tobacco sold. We also maintain a single entry system, so please make sure to bring plenty to smoke in the outdoor area. For events outside of the Netherlands please check the event page.

For any questions regarding lost and found items we kindly ask you to contact the venue directly.